viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Hello classmates and Miss, today I will write my last post in the blog, the topic is about enviroment and I believe that this topic is very important especially because our earth is terribly damage with our own hands for the new technology and excessive exploitation of natural resources in another things.

I think that the problem is that people have not conscience about imminent destruction of our planet , other problema is that in the school have not clases about the important of take care the enviroment then they don’t take conscience about that.

I must admit that I don’t have very good practices for take care the enviroment because I don’t know so much about recycling, and I smoke too, but I try to clean places that I stay, for example, I never throw it the garbage on the ground and I picked it up off the floor.

I usea the public transport and my bike too or I walk in my legs if the distance is not very long.

I prefer use that forms of transport because I hate the cars because thaey are danger and they pollute the enviroment so much.

I don’t join in any eco-organisation but I do other things for enviroment for example I am vegetarian and I inform about the fight for animals in blogs, books, web pages and facebook too.

I think that in Santiago people especially politicians don’t confront the issue because it is not advisable for they, Because this stops the frenetic globalization.

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