viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Hello classmates and Miss, today I will write my last post in the blog, the topic is about enviroment and I believe that this topic is very important especially because our earth is terribly damage with our own hands for the new technology and excessive exploitation of natural resources in another things.

I think that the problem is that people have not conscience about imminent destruction of our planet , other problema is that in the school have not clases about the important of take care the enviroment then they don’t take conscience about that.

I must admit that I don’t have very good practices for take care the enviroment because I don’t know so much about recycling, and I smoke too, but I try to clean places that I stay, for example, I never throw it the garbage on the ground and I picked it up off the floor.

I usea the public transport and my bike too or I walk in my legs if the distance is not very long.

I prefer use that forms of transport because I hate the cars because thaey are danger and they pollute the enviroment so much.

I don’t join in any eco-organisation but I do other things for enviroment for example I am vegetarian and I inform about the fight for animals in blogs, books, web pages and facebook too.

I think that in Santiago people especially politicians don’t confront the issue because it is not advisable for they, Because this stops the frenetic globalization.

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


Hello classmates and Miss today I don’t feel very well, I have so much sleep and in this moment I think that my vacations are far far away…Also, I don’t have so much Money now and that worries me…

Wathever, first, I think that vacations are very very important because all person needs a time for share with family, friends, boys friends or girl friends and for have a rest of the stress in the work or studies . A reward for all hours when you could not sleep because you studied for exam or you worked all day.

I think travel to the south with mi best friend , and go to visit a friends… in Curico when a friend lives with his mom and his brother , go to a litle village near Villa Rica when a school friend lives with her baby and her boyfriend, go to Temuco when other scholl friend have a house, and travel althought that regions.

We think go backpacking because my friend has not many Money and I have not any Money for the moment We want know small villages of the south, the beautiful nature specially in the national parks .
We believe that the south of Chile is very beautiful and that every región its charming it depends if you search the most representatives places,.

Maybe some day we managed to visita ll Chile, north and south…But I believe that do it is very difficult because we will need so much Money and because the more important politician and businessman or businesswoman are buying all the virgin territories in Chile(I say that because the past year when we visit part of the south we known many people that tell us about this.

Well, I hope travel this year with my friend and can take my rest of this awful term. 

Goodbye everyone!

viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

newspapers article

Hello My dear classmates and Miss today I had to read The Guardian's article in the web.

I chose a sexual health's article when a professional therapist answers all the questions that the newspaper readers send her.

In this occasion a woman writes about her particular intimate situation with her boyfriend.

She has a big trouble for development her sexual behavior specially for the strange behavior of her boyfriend in the intimacy time.He believes that sexual act is inappropriate for he and his girlfriend and prefer avoid because he said to girlfriend that -"Sexual contact has always been contrived and quick".

She believes that her boyfriend unlike her and that he is a asexual man but she wants to fix this situation but she does not how.

Also, she feels very bad because he does not a biological explanation for his behavior.

The sexual therapist explains her that is important that seek psychosexual therapy together, it's the only solution and although she notes that the writter`s woman loves her boyfriend it is important that improve their situation because just this way they can development their relationship in the sexual and emotional aspects.

I think that the sexual specialist have reason because just a good communication between they can resolve their problems and make grow up as a happy couple.

Link of this article :

viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

About movies!

Hello my dear classmates and Miss, today I have to speak about “movies” , particularly that I liked.

First, I want to talk about movies because I believe that movies are important kind of record of our society,also movies let Know the culture and history of far away societies and this its very interesting for me.Besides, movies present us a lot of interesting histories of important figures of politics, music, fashion, history, arts, science in anothers…

Movies can be fantastic, funny, mysterious, horrific, very sad as a drama, romantic or totally fabricated, but movies will always be a reflection the context in which they are made.

Now, my favorite kind of movies is horror and some Drama movies, specially more artistic movies.

I don’t have one favorite movie, I know that every time that I saw a good movie I say “Oh my God it’s my favorite movie!”, but late I saw other good movie and I say “It’s my favorite movie too” and later I forget all movies that I saw for remember my new favorites movies.

My last favorite movie that I see it’s called “Kinsey”, and this movie is about a scientist that studied people's sexuality for first time, and I am really recommend it!

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Italia! a beautiful and romantic country

Hello classmates and Miss, 

First,  I would like to greet for the new year  and wish you many good things for you and your family!

Today, I will talk about a country I want to visit. 
Italia is my choice because every time I hear something  about it  I feel in my heart that tells me -" you have to go"-

For this time  I don´t know so much about this country but I also find that it is one of the countries with better quality of life in the world, besides being an important country as a reference for fashion and design, especially for cars,for example, with its beautiful cars  "Fiat".(My father has one, and that car brings to me  many  memories of my childhood to be a nice car and good quality)

In addition, the psychology in this country is much more developed on the issues that interest me , for example I know that in Italia stars the way called "anti-psychiatry" and even now continues to develop strongly.
Also, this country has long been  the cradle of the Renaissance so I guess there must be many museums and architectural remains exemplify it.

I Know that In this country the people using the bicycle as a means of transport and not just for exercise or walking on the weekends, I  really like this (I hope someday to be so in Chile).

If I can to go to Italia, I would like to visit all cities and towns and I will use my bicycle for this. I also like to make a phD about the matters that interest me and  come back with more knowledge to share and develop in  my work in Chile.
 I want to found  some  italian boy for a romantic adventure too!...(hahaha)
I always imagine that italian Boys  are so much romantics that in another country, 
I really hope so!XD
Finally, this country  has interesting stories with relation to the Mafia, which has controlled certain political and economic decisions in the country, so it remains a mysterious and problems to solve as a country,that is why there  good movies that have inspired it.

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Strange and warm semester!

This is a really really strange term , I think I need a rest but I have to finish my major specially soon because I need to begin my profesional practice.Another reason for finish quickly, its for my parents because they  get impatient for my future.
I had not many expections for this term, because is very short and so hot semester and I felt that specially in a academic level,  teachers will teach  his subject for a  rapid memorization and that finally the students will not  learn nothing, this had discouraged me, but now I'm realizing that in the  subjects that I took, teachers are putting all their dedication that everything goes well, and that  motivates me to get to class.
This  semester I took only matters that I liked, for example, I took Freud Theory, and although I do not believe  much in psychoanalysis is interesting to learn his theory specially for the importance for a history of psychology.
Another matter that I took is "gender and sexual theory" , because any taught me  about that theme and I am really interested in that.
I also took a matter of youth and high school, because I wanted to know about education in Chile, especially in the current context where there is a great review on this topic.
I took a practice matter and one matter comunitary called" tv and community " this matter is obviously about tv and and its influence on the community, especially the free television (national channels)

So far have been entertaining subjects, except Freud's theory that is sometimes  really boring  but not without interest.
Now I do not feel very well studyng  among family celebrations but  perhaps the other year I have a better disposition to study and finish my career in a good way.

Finally think I'm finally finding what I really like but I learn more about it outside of class that in them.

My favourite place

My favorite place

Hello boys and girls! today I want to tell about my favourite place,

the truth is that now I have not one favourite place,
because   it would cost me to choose just one, but I will try to think in some nice places for me.
For example, in my last vacations my best friend Paola and I visited some villages in southern of Chile specifically in the X Region, called " Región de Los Lagos".

We  could not travel throughout the region but we could know a beautiful park in the capital "Puerto Montt", the park  is a nature reserve called "El alerce Andino". In the park we could see beautiful larch of  hundreds years, So to reach them if we had to climb a large hill, if  we had climbed two hills, we could have seen larchs of thousands of years , but it was too much for us that we had been about 5 hours up and down the hill ! 
the park was really beautiful, was very well kept and sometimes seemed like a great forest of stories,the first day we we were alone in a camp and heard many noises at night, especially birds that lived in the park and also sawone or two mouse lying around, this was all very exciting as we can never experience something like this in any city.
In the park had a small creek where you could get water, the water was delicious and also could make bonfires always taking care not to cause accidents and leaving  clean when another traveler came to camp.

If you can go to Puerto Montt  you really should visit "Alerce Andino" park, in this place you  will can swim in a lake, climb hills, know beautiful and ancients trees, make campfires and share some good times with friends or family, as the park also was a perfect place to go with family even with small children.
 I will also try to go to the park again this holiday , but  this time we will better prepared than last time because we almost froze at night because we  had a very bad tent :( .That was the only bad thing about our stay in the park!