viernes, 20 de enero de 2012


Hello classmates and Miss today I don’t feel very well, I have so much sleep and in this moment I think that my vacations are far far away…Also, I don’t have so much Money now and that worries me…

Wathever, first, I think that vacations are very very important because all person needs a time for share with family, friends, boys friends or girl friends and for have a rest of the stress in the work or studies . A reward for all hours when you could not sleep because you studied for exam or you worked all day.

I think travel to the south with mi best friend , and go to visit a friends… in Curico when a friend lives with his mom and his brother , go to a litle village near Villa Rica when a school friend lives with her baby and her boyfriend, go to Temuco when other scholl friend have a house, and travel althought that regions.

We think go backpacking because my friend has not many Money and I have not any Money for the moment We want know small villages of the south, the beautiful nature specially in the national parks .
We believe that the south of Chile is very beautiful and that every región its charming it depends if you search the most representatives places,.

Maybe some day we managed to visita ll Chile, north and south…But I believe that do it is very difficult because we will need so much Money and because the more important politician and businessman or businesswoman are buying all the virgin territories in Chile(I say that because the past year when we visit part of the south we known many people that tell us about this.

Well, I hope travel this year with my friend and can take my rest of this awful term. 

Goodbye everyone!

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